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Public speaking is one of Becs' favourite things. Whether she's the keynote speaker at a business show, lecturing to undergraduates, presenting video e-learning courses or talking at an awards ceremony - she's guaranteed to be interesting and full of energy.


In her own words:


I can craft a talk around your chosen topics, tell the story of my successful start-up business or focus on marketing, branding and copywriting (plus weaving in some experiences from my time on The Apprentice!) - whatever you need.


My approach is fun, engaging and honest. I believe in sharing values, inspiring people to believe in themselves and being sincere, lively and approachable.


I worked in corporate marketing teams for years so I understand the right tone for business conferences, I pitch to big brands regularly for Fi & Becs and I'm a Mum so I know how to talk to kids or students! So... if you're looking for a refreshing conference speaker or someone to inspire students about business then get in touch!

Becs' public speaking and presenting (she loves to talk).

Business Shows | Conferences

Guest Lectures on Marketing or Copywriting

Award Ceremonies | Black Tie Dinners

“What a breath of fresh air!


Becs kept our students entranced with her energy, anecdotes and detailed knowledge of branding and digital marketing.


Her passion for marketing and ability to capture a business’ essence through spot on branding was addictive.”


- Fiona Syson, Programme Leader of Marketing at Edge Hill University

“I really enjoyed Becs' guest lecture on Friday.


She was so nice and down to earth and she is a true inspiration. She made me feel excited about finishing my degree and I'm actually looking forward to gaining a graduate scheme if I'm lucky enough. I was quite nervous and was unsure of my future but she made feel at ease and excited for my future now :-) She proved that anything is capable if you put your mind to it!”


- Lisa Newall, Marketing Undergraduate

"Becs delivered an inspirational talk as part of our careers and alumni programme for undergraduate students.


Many of the students in the audience were from the arts and humanities and it was really important for them to see that it’s possible to go into business and succeed in a field that they often think is off-limits.


What was really great about the talk was Becs’s ability to convey her passion for marketing while drilling down to the specifics in order to make marketing intelligible and accessible. I certainly learnt a lot and I know that our audience came away enthused and inspired. So many people said how much they enjoyed the talk and Becs spent a lot of time with our students after the event giving them further tips and advice."


- Stephanie Lewthwaite, Associate Professor at Nottingham University

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"From the initial ‘Inspiration Talk’ at our school, Becs embraced the whole project with enthusiasm and professionalism in her role as ‘Business Angel’.


Her engaging manner hooked the children straightaway and they absolutely loved her! Sharing her industry expertise and being a mother herself, Becs supported the children in a particularly meaningful and helpful way, offering opportunities for contact, mentoring and feedback and attending every event that was involved in the phases of the project. This was so important to our children and as a result, we all at Seymour Park Community Primary School have asked her whether she would be interested in long- term links with us. As a role model, she has been truly inspirational!"


- Natalie Turner, Year 6 teacher and Enterprise Project Leader at Seymour Park Community Primary School

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“A super-engaging speaker with an incredibly inspiring story.


Your enthusiasm really rubbed off on me and I didn't sleep much afterwards as my brain was buzzing (with ideas, not the Amaretto).


Thoroughly recommended to anyone keen to learn how to make their entrepreneurial dreams happen while remaining down-to-earth and honest."


- Lucy van Biljon, attended Becs' Storytelling Masterclass

"It really was a pleasure to welcome Rebecca as a guest lecturer to Edge Hill University Business School.


All of our students and staff were certainly inspired and are already inquiring as to another visit from Rebecca. She offered great suggestions on all sorts of resources regarding business for the 21st century. We cannot thank her enough and look forward to having her back in the future; for another most enriching teaching and learning experience."


- Nick Catahan, Lecturer in Business Management/Strategy at  Edge Hill University

Examples of Becs' talk topics:

Talk Title: Flexible Freelance Success and Being Non-Salesy in Business.


Event: Keynote speaker at the The Business Growth Show.


Becs Jeffery (aka Rebecca Jeffery from BBC One’s The Apprentice 2016) set up her own successful marketing and design agency with her sister Fi in 2013.


Starting their business over a pot of tea and two laptops with no funding or financial loans just over three years ago, the two sisters have grown Fi & Becs Design & Marketing into a profitable business which now works with over 120 clients across the UK, Germany, China, Ireland, Canada and the USA. With an impressive portfolio of clients that includes the retail giants Matalan and Mothercare, Fi & Becs pride themselves on providing friendly, flexible and creative services to businesses both big and small; including many start-ups and family run companies.

Talk Title: Making it in Business - From arts to The Apprentice and Beyond.


Event: Speaking at the Nottingham University Careers Event.


Becs Jeffery (aka Rebecca Jeffery from BBC’s The Apprentice) graduated from Nottingham University in 2006 with a degree in American and Canadian Studies.


Having shot to (very slight) fame in 2016 as one of Lord Sugar’s candidates, being fired in a comedy soap/soup mix-up and declaring that she “wasn’t enough of a tw*t” to win, Becs is returning to Nottingham on the 2nd March to talk about her successful marketing and design business and her experience on the popular BBC One programme.

Becs started her business with her sister Fi over a pot of tea and two laptops just over three years ago. With no financial funding or grants they have grown Fi & Becs Design & Marketing into a profitable business which now works with over 120 clients across the UK, Germany, China, Ireland, Canada and the USA. With an impressive portfolio of clients that includes the retail giants Matalan and Mothercare, Fi & Becs pride themselves on providing friendly, flexible and creative services to businesses both big and small; including many start-ups and family run companies.


Becs is known for being chatty, business-minded and full of enthusiasm so this will be an interesting (and honest) talk for anyone who has an interest in marketing, loves The Apprentice and wants to hear first hand how to grow a successful start-up business.

Prooving that work CAN successfully fit into family-life, Fi & Becs built their entire business around their children, matching their working pattern to the school-run.


They soon found that their alternative working hours (usually 9am-3pm, then 7pm-10pm) suited small companies who were busy running their business during the daytime and worked well for large businesses that required short or overnight turnaround times.


The flexible Fi & Becs approach led to their business being a finalist for ‘New Business of the Year’ at the Enterprise Vision Awards in 2015 and a finalist for the National Mumpreneur Boost Award – recognising businesses that have demonstrated high growth.

In 2016 Becs successfully managed to become a candidate on The Apprentice on BBC One and survived six weeks before being fired in a comedy soap/soup mix-up. Staying true to their flexible and honest approach, both Fi & Becs firmly believe that approachability has been key to their success and their client portfolio has grown so rapidly due to honesty, friendliness and non-salesy behaviour.

Presenting | School Enterprise Projects

Masterclasses | Networking Events

Becs presenting an online Digital Marketing course for Start&Grow:


The Start&Grow platform a free e-learning platform full of videos, courses, business plan templates, real-life examples, funding support info and live advice chat for wannabe start-ups and growing businesses.


Becs was delighted to be asked to present the course on Digital Marketing. Here's a quick snippet from one of the videos, the rest of the video plus the full Digital Marketing course is available to watch on the platform itself.

visit the Start&Grow platform for more videos

“Becs is one of the most engaging and professional presenters we’ve had the chance to work with.


Her style is energetic, bright and dynamic and she keeps audiences focused whatever the subject. Recording in studio with her was a pleasure and she maintained her energy levels throughout the day, making sure that the first take of the morning was delivered with the same infectious gusto as the last! We’re really looking forward to doing more with her!"


- Fiona Ryder, Creative Director at Tin Can Digital