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Here's the client:


Run by Naomi (a button-loving-type-of-girl) Bright Button sell a range of crafty, dressmaking and haberdashery essentials.

Fi & Becs Client: Bright Button.

work example: branding | website design | graphic design

Naomi from Bright Button had an existing website that was impossible to maintain so she asked us to design a simple, pretty website to replace it. Easy peasy!


The main aims: to encourage people to BUY Bright Button's products online!


The website included:


- Information about the online haberdashery

- Facebook feed on homepage

- Links to Twitter and Facebook

- Integrated PayPal shop to enable people to products

- Pretty lace details and cute icons

- Contact details


Enter Fi & Becs:


Buttons and mustard are two of Fi's favourite things so working with Bright Button is pure joy! We have loved working with Naomi on the following:


- Logo and branding design

- Website design

- Flyer and postcard artwork

see more examples of our work Client-Bright-Button-Website2017 visit the website