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Here's the client:


Run by Naomi (a button-loving-type-of-girl) Bright Button sell a range of crafty, dressmaking and haberdashery essentials.

Fi & Becs Client: Bright Button.

work example: branding | website design | graphic design

Naomi from Bright Button had an existing website that was impossible to maintain so she asked us to design a simple, pretty website to replace it. Easy peasy!


The main aims: to encourage people to BUY Bright Button's products online!


The website included:


- Information about the online haberdashery

- Facebook feed on homepage

- Links to Twitter and Facebook

- Integrated PayPal shop to enable people to products

- Pretty lace details and cute icons

- Contact details

Take a look at the website Client-Bright-Button-Branding

Enter Fi & Becs:


Naomi didn't actually give us a brief for her logo or her website. She simply said: "go and make it all look lovely, I trust you to make it right!"... Wow! Buttons and mustard are two of Fi's favourite things so working with Bright Button is pure joy! We have loved working with Naomi on the following:


- Logo and branding design

- Website design

- Flyer and postcard artwork

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