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Here's the client:


E.O.D (also known as Extra Ordinary Delights) are a couple who make handcrafted fudge in Florida.


E.O.D was set up by Aaron Hale, who worked for the USA Navy and Army - he was injured and was left blind in Afghanistan. Aaron later lost his hearing due to a meningitis virus, but instead of giving up he started making fudge... and we are honoured to work with him.

Fi & Becs Client: E.O.D (also known as Extra Ordinary Delights)

Enter Fi & Becs:


The team at E.O.D got in touch with us because they needed a new logo that was military, patriotic and could translate easily onto their packaging and labels.


We created the new logo within two days for E.O.D as they had a tight deadline to meet... Valentines Day! Our work for E.O.D has included:


- Brand and logo design

- Flyer artwork

- Menu artwork

work example: branding | graphic design

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