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Friends of Mauro asked us to design an approachable, user-friendly and pet loving website to launch their start-up business.


The main aims: to entice pet owners to use their services and engage with their business.


The website included:


- Information on their services and pricing

- Instagram and Twitter feeds

- Links to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

- Testimonals

- Blog

- Contact details

Here's the client:


Friends of Mauro is an Altrincham based pet care company offering totally flexible doggie day care, dog boarding, dog walking and pet sitting with a truly friendly, family-feel.

Fi & Becs Client: Friends of Mauro.

Enter Fi & Becs:


Kate from Friends of Mauro got in touch with us after a recommendation from our client Proviamo Vino.


After meeting with Kate to chat about her new business idea (and loving it!) we have worked with Friends of Mauro on the following:


- Name and tagline ideas

- Brand and logo design

- Website design

- Copywriting website content

- Flyer artwork and copywriting

- Business stationery design

"A friend recommended Fi and Becs to me, for which I am very thankful - it has been great working with them. 


They have both been really helpful, enthusiastic and efficient throughout the entire process.  They have always responded quickly to my queries and given sound advice as well. I am so happy with the branding for my new business and the design of the website - I have already had loads of compliments about them.  I would definitely recommend these two!"

work example: branding | graphic design | website design | copywriting

Take a look at the website Client-Friends-Mauro-Branding

"We love making sure that your dog has fun and is stimulated on their walk, so we'll give them plenty of exercise or even play fetch with their favourite toy!"

"Keeping your pet happy is our priority and we will always add the personal touches to make sure your pet feels welcome and at ease - we're like a home-from-home!"

- Kate Bentley, Owner of Friends of Mauro

Client-FriendsMauro-Website see more examples of our work