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Copywriting blog articles for Geuther UK

Enter Fi & Becs:


Geuther got in touch with us because they needed help implementing their marketing plans for the UK and Ireland. We have assisted Geuther with numerous exciting projects including:


- Writing product descriptions

- Copywriting blog content and articles

- Writing business to business communications and presentations

- Development of social media content

work example: copywriting

Fi & Becs Client: Geuther.

Here's the client:


Geuther are one of the leading nursery brands in Germany. They produce beautifully contemporary children's furniture that has been loved and trusted by parents across Europe for over 100 years.

"The Geuther Swing high chair is tipping-safe.


It is fundamentally designed to stay firmly anchored no matter how much your little person squirms."

The Geuther Swing high chair

"The Geuther Maddy allows you to keep everything close at hand for nappy changing time!


From clothing to nappies, toys to baby changing essentials - it’s an ingenious storage solution for even the smallest nursery."

"The Swing has been crafted with children in mind. Made from softly curved beach wood, it is child-friendly with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.


The detachable tray has a clever built-in ledge to stop items slipping off easily."

"The Geuther baby bath tub is practical and easy to clean, perfect for your baby from their very first days at home.


Enjoy their bath time with plenty of space for bubbles, cleaning, splashing and fun!"

The Geuther Maddy changing table Client Geuther Blog Articles Big

"When my little boy was nine months old I remember willing him to start crawling. Whilst many other (obviously hugely advanced) babies his age had started to crawl tentatively across the room or were bottom shuffling surprisingly fast along the floor, Ollie was baffled by the whole concept.


I was dying to get him moving. So when he started to drag himself along the floor by his arms (apparently known as 'commando crawling'... although I likened it to a decaying zombie corpse) I merrily encouraged him by placing the TV remote control out of reach and videoing his progress on my iphone with glee."

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