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Here's the client:


Knuma is an emerging UK nursery brand offering a fresh perspective on children’s furniture and nursery products. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire Knuma create modern nursery products which are effortlessly beautiful and full of life.

Client Knuma characters

Enter Fi & Becs:


Knuma initally got in touch with us because they needed some product design support for their flagship product the Connect 4-in-1 High Chair.


We have loved working with Knuma on a number of exciting projects including:


- Soft goods design for the Connect High Chair seat cushion

- Copywriting product descriptions

- Packaging and instruction booklet artwork

- Design of trade exhibition stand artwork and graphics

- Illustrations of characters for use on marketing materials

Client Knuma Chair

Fi & Becs Client: Knuma.

work example: product design | copywriting | graphic design



"The Huddle Bedside Crib can be used as a stand-alone cot and the removable bassinet is perfect for daytime naps around the home."

"Knuma, the Leeds based nursery brand known for their innovative children’s products are excited to launch their first piece of bedroom furniture – their 4-in-1 Huddle Bedside Crib."

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