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Here's the client:


Halifax Opportunities Trust is a charity in Calderdale that has been working since 2000 to improve the lives of families throughout Calderdale.


In 2015 the Trust opened two brand new commercial catering kitchens, one certified Halal, one non-Halal, under the name 'OutFront - the non-fiction kitchen' with the intention of providing nutritious, healthy meals to local primary schools and nurseries.

Fi & Becs Client: OutFront - the non-fiction kitchen.

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Enter Fi & Becs:


Fi sits alongside Barbara Harbinson (the Chief Executive for Halifax Opportunities Trust) on the Board for Creative Calderdale, a charity in Halifax that supports everything that’s new, innovative and inspiring about the creative and digital industry.


Having worked with Fi through Creative Calderdale, Barbara asked us to create and manage the brand for OutFront. Initially developing the branding we have gone on to work on a number of exciting projects for OutFront including:


- Name and tagline ideas

- Brand and logo design

- Advice on implementing branding on vehicles and commercial units

- Menu and recipe card artwork

- Copywriting menu card content

"I am so proud of what Fi & Becs have created for us.


Brand name, designs, words - they did it all and it was back to us within days of our first meeting - and it was spot on. It wasn't just about designs though. Fi's common sense, attention to detail, creative thinking and can-do attitude made her one of the best people I have ever worked with."

work example: branding | graphic design | copywriting

- Barbara Harbinson, Chief Executive of Halifax Opportunites Trust

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