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Here's the client:


ParentPreneur Networking is a national networking group aimed at parents who either have their own business or are thinking of starting their own business. Their events create an open and warm environment where parents come together to share stories, ideas and experiences face to face.

Fi & Becs Client: ParentPreneur Networking.

Enter Fi & Becs:


Florence from ParentPreneur Networking asked us to work with her business after Becs was guest speaker at a number of the events around Manchester and Cheshire.


We LOVE the ethos of ParentPreneur so we have been delighted to work with them on the following:


- Brand and logo design

- Flyer artwork and copywriting

- Business stationery design

"Fi & Becs are absolutely amazing at what they do.  Their biggest skill is listening and transforming your ideas into something quite magical.


They get to know you, your business and understand that your business is your baby and love it, nurture it and love seeing it grow as much as you do.  As the founder of ParentPreneur I meet entrepreneurs on a daily basis needing help with marketing and have no hesitation in sending them Fi & Bec’s way.  I love their work ethic and ambition matched up with some fabulous family values. Fi & Becs have become my marketing department and I love the partnership we have with them."


- Florence Roberts, founder of ParentPreneur Networking

work example: branding | graphic design  | copywriting

Client-ParentPreneur-Branding see more examples of our work

"We help parents to start and grow their own businesses.


If you've ever dreamed of working for yourself or if you're a parent who already runs your own business - you should come along to your local ParentPreneur Networking event."

"Meet inspiring people and parents who share the same values and passions.


Promote yourself and your business in a way that is relaxed, informal and open.


Get support and movitation plus some real-life tips, advice and useful business contacts."