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Here's the client:


Summit Finish hand craft and sell replica and miniature kilometre markers. Made in Yorkshire, they are the perfect unique gift for a cycling enthusiast - also ideal as a souvenir, memento of a special holiday or a quirky garden feature!

Enter Fi & Becs:


Gareth and Tony from Summit Finish contacted us as they wanted to develop a brand to represent their unique business. After chatting with them to understand more about Summit Finish's fantastic product collection, we created their perfect brand and have worked with them on a number of projects including:


- Brand and logo design

- Website design

- Exhibition banners

- Leaflet artwork and copywriting

"After one conversation with Fi & Becs they were able to go away and create a company logo and a brand new e-commerce website for us all within 3 days.


We are so happy with the end product and thanks to Fi & Becs' hard work and ability to capture the essence of our brand, feel our business is now in the position to move to the next level."


- Gareth Ott, Owner of Summit Finish

work example: branding | graphic design | website design

Fi & Becs Client: Summit Finish.

Summit Finish asked us to design a cool, clean and modern website to sell their unique collection of cycling gifts.


The main aims: to showcase their products and make it easy for people to buy one!


The website included:


- Information about the range of gifts

- Integrated PayPal shop

- Information on offers

- Links to Twitter and Facebook

- Blog

- Contact details

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