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Here's the client:


Claire from Sweet Sugar Sixpence makes the BEST cakes in Halifax / Yorkshire (in our opinion!) and we have lusted over her cakes for years. Designing and baking vibrant, unique and totally bespoke cakes, Claire is an accomplished cake designer and maker.

Fi & Becs Client: Sweet Sugar Sixpence.

"Thanks Fi & Becs - you actually rock.


I first contacted Fi & Becs following a recommendation from a friend. I needed a complete re-brand and a good kick up the bum to get my tiny business that had been bubbling away as a hobby for years into a proper, professional outfit!


They are fantastic at knowing exactly what I want and need, even if I send them a garbled email or a handful of unrelated images! They handled the complete re-branding of my cake shop with the perfect blend of laid-back professionalism. Leaving me to think about things when I needed to and also giving me a shove when I needed that too.


As much as it was Fi's amazing talent that got us there, they have made me feel like I was in the driving seat and I think that's why my site and branding feel so personal to me.


I'm delighted with the result and my business has gone from strength to strength since the launch of my gorgeous website!"


- Claire, Owner of Sweet Sugar Sixpence

work example: website design | branding

Claire asked us to design a cool and vibrant website to match her logo and show off her amazing cakes. We loved creating a modern Pinterest-style home page showcasing Claire’s awesome cake skills.


The main aims: to show off Sweet Sugar Sixpence's amazing cakes and encourage people to contact her with their order!


The website included:


- Information about Claire and her range of awesome cakes

- Photo galleries

- Links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

- Instagram feed

- Contact details and location map

Enter Fi & Becs:


Claire came to us about her cake business because she wasn't sure how to move it from a hobby into a real business. Working closely with Claire (who is also an Adobe Illustrator whizz!) we started work on her logo and we have loved helping Claire to create:


- Brand and logo design

- Website design

Client-Sweet-Sugar-Branding see more examples of our work Client-SweetSugarSixpence-Website2017 visit the website