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We both believe that beautiful brands make the world go round. Logos should be clever little visual wizards… making customers fall in love with your products, encouraging clients to trust your credibility and giving people an instant glimpse into your business’ personality.


Usually when we design branding for a client we sculpt our ideas around their story, their products and their business’ identity. (Check out our branding page of examples of our bespoke branding work). However… because we work with so many small and start-up businesses we have learned that some people need a logo NOW (yes, literally THAT DAY). Although we are fast little workers, we cannot design logos instantly (we do sometimes need to sleep, complete our other work and feed our children), so… we came up with the idea of the Quick Logo Lab!

The Quick Logo Lab (by Fi & Becs).

The Quick Logo Lab is our quick pit stop for people who need a logo INSTANTLY (aka within 48 hours). All of the logos in our Lab have been designed by us and are only sold once. The designs are creative and inventively designed around current trends or ideas we've had. Simply pick your fave and purchase online - colours, wording and icons (if applicable) can be adjusted to suit your business. The prices reflect the how speedily we will have to work to produce your logo quickity-split!


So... for a super-quick logo fix browse our Quick Logo Lab and let us know if you have any questions - happy logo hunting!

See the Logo Lab in action...

LogoLabExampleSmall How the Quick Logo Lab works...