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Product design by Fi & Becs (Fi is our product designer).

Our product design work is original, creative and technically excellent. Fi has over 15 years' experience as a product designer developing collections of products and soft goods for large, well-known brands such as Samsonite Nursery and Mamas & Papas.


Doing more than just product design:


We can help you design great products that your target customer will love. From trend analysis to concept design, product development and specifications - we quickly understand what you need to do and how to get it done.


Two brains for the price of one:


We're useful all the way through a project from early stage research to design, development and product manufacture. Plus... we're extra helpful as we can also write your product descriptions and design your packaging too!

Product design & photography direction for Samsonite Nursery 'Lady with a Baby' range. Click here to find out more about Fi's previous work for Mamas & Papas. Click here to find out more about Fi's previous work for Pierre Cardin Embroidery design for PurFlo Baby sleeping bags.

Seat cushion design by Fi & Becs for the Knuma Connect High Chair.

Client Knuma Seat Cushion-resized Download Fi's most recent product portfolio