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How our Quick Logo Lab works.

We believe that your logo should behave like a clever little visual wizard… making customers fall in love with your products, encouraging clients to trust your credibility and giving people an instant glimpse into your business’ personality.

We all know that bespoke brands are brilliant (obvs). However, because we work with so many start-up and independent businesses we've learned that some people need to sort a logo ASAP... so we came up with the idea of our Quick Logo Lab!

Our Quick Logo Lab is a speedy pit stop for people who need a logo INSTANTLY (aka within 48 hours)... or at a lower price than our bespoke branding work.

Show me the logos!

All of the logos in our Lab have been designed by us and are only sold once.

The designs have all been inventively designed around current trends or ideas - so you can find the logo that suits your style. All of the colours, wording and icons can be tweaked to match your business. How clever!

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Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a new logo.

When you're starting a new business (or even if you've been running one for years!) we know that every penny counts. That's why all of the logos in our Quick Logo Lab come at a lower price than our bespoke branding work.

We've spent years working with start-up, small and independent businesses so we understand that timescales can be short (aka you need it NOW!) and things can change quickly. We also know that funding applications can put pressure on you to create business plans (and branding) ASAP so we promise to get your logo sorted within 48 hours - handy hey!

Looking for a little inspiration?

We've also found that our clients enjoy looking through the Logo Lab for a little bit of branding inspiration! If you're struggling to picture what you want or you're working with someone else it can really speed up your decision making process to flick through our logo designs and decide what you like... and what you don't like!

Here are some examples of the logos in our Quick Logo Lab:

See our Logo Lab designs in action (in real businesses!):

Step by step guide to using our Quick Logo Lab:

Step one: Choose a logo that you love and pay your deposit.

So you've fallen in love with a design in our Quick Logo Lab... ah we don't blame you. They are very cool.

The next step is to pay your 50% deposit (please note that deposits are non-refundable) using our nifty online shop. We offer secure payment via PayPal or using a Credit or Debit Card so it's super simple.

As soon as you've paid your deposit our lovely designer (aka Fi) will mark your logo as SOLD and remove it from the Logo Lab.

All of our logos are only sold once, so if you love one... get it while it's still there!

Step two: Complete our simple Briefing Form.

We will get in touch within a couple of hours (if you pay your deposit after 7pm or on the weekend then we will get in touch first thing on the next working day) and send you a link to our online Briefing Form.

This Briefing Form collects some simple information from you such as:

- brand name

- business type (if you want this included)

- tag line (if you want one)

- the chosen colours for your logo.

If you want to personalise an icon you can tell us about that too.

Step three: The magic stuff happens.

As soon as you have submitted your Briefing Form we will get to work personalising your logo design. If the logo has an specific icon integrated into the design, we will add this in too.

In super speedy timescales, Fi will send across your customised logo (she will do this via email so you'll need to be near your inbox).

If needed, you can have two rounds of revisions for no additional cost. Any further edits or amends will be charged at our standard Fi & Becs hourly rate.

Step four: Your logo is approved and ready to go!

Once your logo is perfecto and you've approved the final design we will send across everything that you need in one of our legendary BRAND PACKS.

Our Brand Packs include your logo in various useful formats (PDF, JPG and PNG) so you can use it on printing, online on your social media profile pictures etc. Ta da - you have your logo and you're ready to rock!

When you've received your Brand Pack we will send across an invoice so that you can pay the remaining 50% of the cost. This must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How long does the Quick Logo Lab process take?

The Quick Logo Lab is perfect for short logo turnaround times so we'll always aim to send your finalised Brand Pack within two working days of your inital deposit payment (this doesn't include weekends). Obviously the turnaround time can depend upon the particular logo you choose and (more importantly) your response time and any revisions you request. If you fill in our Briefing Form and reply to our emails quickly then we will work quickly too!

If we are going to be away from our laptops for an extended period of time (yes, it does sometimes happen... e.g. school holidays, client visits) then we will temporarily close the Lab so that you know that we are unavailable.

If your project goes past 10 days from the original deposit (please note that deposits are non-refudable) payment without any response from you, we will re-list the design on our Quick Logo Lab.

Question: Can I change the colour of a logo?

Absolutely! All of the colours, wording and icons in our logos can be changed to match your business.

If you haven't already chosen specific colours for your business we have put together a helpful Creative Colour Palette (shown below!) to get a little inspiration. Whether you want clean-cut Darkest Grey, you love some subtle Duck Egg Blue or you fancy a splash of Hot Pink - we will personalise everything to suit your style.