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Living with an ambition worm.

By Fi or Becs, Jan 22 2017 05:00PM

Chatter from Becs:

At the start of January Alex from Altrincham HQ asked me a question for a blog he was writing. The question was:

“What Is The Best Business Advice You Ever Received?”

When I sat down to write an answer, I started mulling over the various pieces of excellent advice I had recieved over the years. There were a few contenders.

Contender Number 1: "No one will ever complain at you for doing things."

Source: David Hendry, a previous Managing Director of The Co-operative Funeralcare - an absolutely amazing man.

Contender Number 2: "If you want to do something, just do it."

Source: Howard Bouch (aka my Dad). This was engrained into my head from an early age and I apply the sentiment to all aspects of my life.

But the winner was... a particular conversation from around 7 years ago that has always lurked around in my head. Here's what I wrote for Alex's blog:

"The best piece of business advice I have ever received was from a previous boss at The Co-operative Group. Actually… I’m not sure whether it was a piece of advice, or just a conversation that has always stuck in my head.

During a monthly 1-2-1, my boss casually mentioned the ‘ambition worm’ in my belly which drove my relentless enthusiasm, nudged me to keep striving and demanded that I succeeded. I loved this metaphor and I adopted it in my life. My boss was right – I have a worm.

My ambition worm continually eats at me. It makes me ambitious, energetic, excited and passionate. Sometimes living with an ambition worm can be tiring. They never let you rest, they are always goading you to keep trying and they require regular feeding with new ideas and new successes; but I love that worm.

My worm is responsible for many of my wonderful career moments, it insisted that I started my own business and it made me apply to The Apprentice last year. I genuinely hope that my worm never disappears."

You can read the full blog post by Alex on the Altrincham HQ website, there are some great (much more sensible) answers on there too from other business people!

Amusingly (and brilliantly) my ambition worm answer got quite a lot of comments when it was posted on social media! I have a feeling that I might be writing more about ambition worms in the future...

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