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Successful press release, chicken still missing.

By Fi or Becs, Jun 12 2014 08:05PM

Not many things give us more glee than seeing one of our client press releases getting fantastic coverage!

When our client Waugh Brow Farm Shop had their beloved chicken statue stolen we decided that action must be taken. We quickly (even though Becs was actually on holiday in foreign climes!) worked with Ruth Jones (owner of the farm) to put together a press release to help get their chicken back!

After lots of contacting local papers we were really pleased that the story was picked up by 4 local titles, featured on their websites (number 4 Most-Read story!) and was printed in the local papers!

This story was on page 3 (sure there's a joke in there somewhere about chicken breasts on page 3...)

Need some help with your PR? Just get in touch with us!

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