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By Fi or Becs, May 12 2015 08:59AM

Broster’s Farm Shop announced on their Facebook page that they needed a new website. They wanted to visually update their old one and also be able to sell their fresh Yorkshire meat online. Rather a lot of local website companies posted on the Facebook page that they could help, so imagine the delight when they chose us to design their new logo and website!

After developing Broster's a lovely new logo, it was time to build their website.

What we love about designing websites like this are the details... The icons used in the headers, the vintage butchers cart line drawing on the footer of the website, the colours that symbolise the different meats.

The difference between using a web developing company and using Fi & Becs is that you get a DESIGNED website. We see websites as interactive brochures, not a templated standard website (which ALL look the same!). We tap into the heart of the brand to ensure that the website is perfect in every detail. In this case we even designed a Wholesale Price List - as we couldn’t bear the thought of just listing prices on a website!

We hope you all like the new website - Broster's meat is amazing:

By Fi or Becs, Jul 16 2014 11:06AM

We love designing a good sign.

So we are super pleased that our client the lovely Waugh Brow Farm Shop have just put up their brand new signs all around their farm!

We adored working on this brand earlier in the year and it's so satisfying to see the logo looking stunning on their shiny new signage - guaranteed to get the Farm Shop noticed by people driving by!

Not only did we design the logo, we also wrote the wording on the sign and designed the artwork for the printer - making the whole process easy peasy for Waugh Brow Farm! Splendid signy signs.

By Fi or Becs, Jun 12 2014 08:05PM

Not many things give us more glee than seeing one of our client press releases getting fantastic coverage!

When our client Waugh Brow Farm Shop had their beloved chicken statue stolen we decided that action must be taken. We quickly (even though Becs was actually on holiday in foreign climes!) worked with Ruth Jones (owner of the farm) to put together a press release to help get their chicken back!

After lots of contacting local papers we were really pleased that the story was picked up by 4 local titles, featured on their websites (number 4 Most-Read story!) and was printed in the local papers!

This story was on page 3 (sure there's a joke in there somewhere about chicken breasts on page 3...)

Need some help with your PR? Just get in touch with us!

By Fi or Becs, May 9 2014 08:53AM

Waugh Brow Farm is a family run farm shop near Knustford in Cheshire. With over 130 cattle, a handful of sheep, some pigs and a flock of chickens the farm shop is known for stocking deliciously fresh local produce and has been in operation since 1985.

We were asked by Waugh Brow Farm to develop a new logo and design a new website to replace their existing out of date marketing materials and website.

The brief: friendly, local, farm shop with delicious produce based on a real working farm.

We have adored building this website (moo!) and writing all of the wording:

"Here at Waugh Brow Farm Shop we've been providing scrumptious, fresh local produce and homemade goodies for over 25 years. Located in the moo-tiful Cheshire countryside near Knutsford we're a genuine family-run working farm (with the cows to prove it!).

Our lovely farm shop is a traditional Butchers but we also have a tasty deli counter, homecooked meals, seasonal fresh veg, a fabulous snack shack (offering tasty food, cakes, coffee and more) plus a farm yard fun area for the kiddies!"

Please visit and take a look around the farmy loveliness!

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