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By Fi or Becs, Feb 1 2018 11:00AM

We have NEWS… we've just welcomed a new small human into the world! Another little boy to join the ranks of male offspring in our family... 9 boys in a row so far...!

They're both doing amazingly well - Josh has settled perfectly into the Fi & Becs life (lots of selfies and getting snuggled whilst the adults sip tea) and we love him!

If our Fi & Becs website and socials are a little quieter than normal, it's due to the general noise levels that Becs makes being reduced. All will resume to normal around September time when Becs returns from maternity leave. HOORAY!

By Fi or Becs, Dec 18 2017 11:25AM

Corr blimey there's only a couple of days left at work before:

1. We finish for Christmas!

2. The craziness of festivities begin!

3. Becs finishes for maternity leave... did we mention that she's due to have baby number 2 in January?

Thank you all for such an amazing 2017. We genuinely appreciate all of our incredibly ace clients and love you all lots.

Fi & Becs xxx

By Fi or Becs, Apr 26 2017 07:59PM

Okay lovely people of the internet, we need your help! Usually in Fi & Becs land we agree on things. Our sister-based-mind-reading-powers allow us to think in unison and we exist in world of merry agreement... however WE HAVE FOUND SOMETHING WE DO NOT AGREE ON.

The item causing all the trouble is the first video in a short series we are launching called One Minute Videos. Basically, we're doing a video for each service we offer (branding, copywriting, graphic design... you get the jist) where Fi talks for 30 seconds... then Becs talks for 30 seconds.

We have recorded our first video about branding and now we can't decide whether to have the video WITH or WITHOUT music! Bah!

Fi prefers our One Minute Video on Branding with NO MUSIC...

Becs prefers our One Minute Video on Branding WITH MUSIC

Place your votes now!

Tell us which version you like better and we'll (probably) delete the rejected video from our Fi & Becs YouTube channel!

You can tell us by:

Adding your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

Commenting on the post on our Facebook page.

Tweeting Fi

Tweeting Becs

Or you can email us on [email protected]

Thank you to the awesome Lewis Robinson for letting us borrow his music for the video! Just to point out, Fi does actually love Lewis' music, she just isn't sure about having any on the videos at all!

By Fi or Becs, Apr 3 2017 07:00AM

Ah we love it when a national business magazine uses a swear word (albeit censored) in their article headline...

We LOVE it even more when the article is about us - heh heh.

Earlier this year Becs met with Maria McGeoghan, an Editor from BQ Magazine for an interview (aka chatter) and cup of tea in Manchester city centre. Followed by a brilliantly random photo shoot which included an unexpected space hopper (!) - we have been waiting eagerly for the feature to appear in printed format.

We have not been disappointed. Complete with laptops, notepads, mugs, hysterical bouncing and loads of honesty the interview was published this week. Hooray!

Here's a quick taster of the interview in case you're interested:

"Apprentice candidates come and go – but you’ll remember Rebecca Jeffery. As she departed Lord Sugar’s HQ in a taxi after being fired in week six of the BBC reality show, her musings on why her adventure was at an end were frank and funny."

“At the end, I think I went because I’m not a tw*t,” she told the camera in the taxi. “I think that’s my downfall. Haven’t been enough of a tw*t.”

“I don’t even remember saying it,” admits Jeffery, 32, one half of Fi & Becs, a successful copywriting and design company she runs with her sister, Fiona. “It was just one of those throwaway remarks that I never, ever thought would be used.”

Warm, friendly and fizzing with energy, Jeffery applied for one of the toughest TV challenges on a whim. “I always used to shout at the telly when The Apprentice was on – I love it,” she explains. “My brother-in-law is a brain surgeon and one New Year’s Eve we were egging each other on to apply – ‘You do it’, ‘No, you do it’.

“The application was relatively easy and then I went to the first lot of auditions in Manchester with around 3,000 other people. It was fun but exhausting. You have one minute to sell yourself and I think I said nice people get on in business."

You can read the full article using the link below. We think it's excellent but we're biased... obvs.

By Fi or Becs, Dec 7 2016 04:21PM

Who doesn't love some naughty novelty items during the season of silliness...

Following on from the popularity of our Fi & Becs client lollies last Christmas, this year we decided to order some slightly different lollipop designs. Amusing ourselves by deciding to print 'NOT A TWAT' onto 100 lollies (and 100 less offensive 'Merry Christmas' designs too) we were delighted to suddenly get flooded by tweets, emails and messages from people asking to buy our NOT A TWAT lollies online!

So... on Sunday afternoon Fi sat with a cup of tea and we launched an online shop on our website! (closed now!) Alongside the tasty, apple flavoured NOT A TWAT lollies she added some splendid novelty mugs and her wonderful series of children's books (obvs). Online shop - ta da!

NOT A TWAT Lollipops

PRICE: 1 Lollipop £3.50 / 5 Lollipops £15.00

Delight your twat-free friends, family or colleagues with these exceptionally tasty NOT A TWAT lollies.

Each lolly is 5cm in diameter, apple flavoured and handmade in the UK. Available as a single lolly or in a collection of five, every lolly is individually wrapped and presented with a bow. Enjoy 5cm of deliciously tasty, apple flavoured non-twattish delight.


PRICE: £9.50

Prove to your family, friends and colleagues that you're NOT A TWAT by drinking your cuppa from one of these amusing mugs. These mugs make a great gift (especially for those annoying work-based Secret Santas) or you can treat yourself for amusing brew moments all day long. Perfect for boring board meetings or conversation starters over a cuppa.

By Fi or Becs, Oct 2 2016 06:00AM

Becs looking a bit intense... she normally smiles more than this.
Becs looking a bit intense... she normally smiles more than this.

So… we have some slightly exciting news today.

Some of you may have noticed that we've been crazily busy this year (which we have!) but we've also had something HUGE rumbling along which we haven’t been able to tell you all about.

The cat is now FINALLY out of the bag… Becs is a candidate on the 2016 series of The Apprentice on BBC One! (Yep, it's true - we're not just pulling your leg!)

It’s so nice to be able to announce it, the secret has been killing us!

The first episode airs on BBC One at 9pm on Thursday the 6th October so tune in and enjoy watching Becs running around London with the other candidates, standing up for herself in the Boardroom (!) and trying not to talk too much in front of Lord Sugar. Gulp.

Everything at Fi & Becs will continue as normal for the next few months, so if you have any projects or on-going work with us please don’t worry. We do have some other plans afoot including launching our Partner Page on our website and working with some talented freelance designers, copywriters and marketing people.

Enjoy watching!

By Fi or Becs, Sep 13 2016 04:52PM

Amazingly this October we will have been running our little business for three years (blimey). This feels pretty long, yet it's also flown by crazily fast in a blur of logo designs, website building, school pick-ups, new clients and copywriting.

With three years under our belt (and 120 clients in our portfolio!) we have finally realised that we may need to work with some nice freelancers to keep up with our workload... but we also want to make sure that our clients keep getting the same Fi & Becs friendly and approachable service.

So... we have put together some Fi & Becs rules of business! These are the rules that we both live by and that we love about our business - we think our clients might love them too.

Here is the Fi & Becs rule of business number one:

Never call a client a warm lead. Or a hot lead. In fact, never call a client a lead at all.

If you work with Fi & Becs, you can guarantee that you will never be called a lead. We will not treat you like a lead and we will never pester you, speak to you like a sales person or email you to "touch base". In fact, this kind of dreadful business speak makes us want to vomit in our cups of tea.

Our potential clients (and existing ones) are never leads, they are lovely, individual businesses who we love providing with a bespoke, personable and fantastic service. Leads are quite clearly only for dogs - as proven by Becs' photogenic dachshund Bongo.

By Fi or Becs, Aug 9 2016 01:00PM

Back in 2013 when we started Fi & Becs, we popped together our first website over a cup of tea, a quick photoshoot in Fi’s dining room and an afternoon of messing around on Moonfruit. Nearly three years on (and a few hair styles later) we realised that we should really update our photography and freshen up our website along with our social media profile photos.

Here's the old Fi & Becs photo (as taken in Fi's dining room October 2013)...

So, on a crazily sunny day in August… we invited a lovely photographer (Ailsa from Kanashay Photography) over to Halifax and spent the morning roaming around Fi’s house with our laptops to shoot some photos of us working together, smiling goofily at the camera and generally doing what we do.

Tea was drunk, props were assembled (including Becs’ dog Bongo), sandwiches were eaten and raucous laughter was plentiful - we had such fun doing it!

Here are some of our favourite photos…

Now that we’ve added the photography to our website (you can see some on our Home page, About page and Contact page) we feel like shiny new versions of Fi & Becs - hooray!

Huge thank you to Ailsa for being such a fun and wonderful photographer!

By Fi or Becs, Jul 29 2016 08:00AM

Chatter from Becs:

You may have already noticed (more kids in the park, harassed parents posting on Facebook, less commuter traffic, news features showing queues for the Dover ferry) that the summer holidays are upon us. If you work and you have children of school age, then you’re probably filling the next six weeks with an ensemble of annual leave, hastily booked kids clubs, helpful childminders or the goodwill of grandparents (if you’re lucky enough to have them nearby). My little boy is only three, he hasn’t even started school yet I still experience the summer holiday upheaval because my childminder has her own children and (understandably!) takes her holidays in August too.

For the last two years my sister (aka my business partner @fifi_designlady) and I have dealt with the summer holidays in a slightly panicked manner. Around mid July we realise that we have a huge workload and THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING. We will have our own children. All day. In our homes. Requiring attention, lunch and suntan lotion applied regularly. Bah!

In year one we drove ourselves crazy working until 2am most evenings whilst grinning manically at our clients and nodding our heads to all new projects. In year two we evolved (slightly), booked some child-cover, planned our workload and took two weeks off work. Now that we’re in year three we have been brave – we’ve stopped all new work until September and taken the whole of August off. We even announced it in advance on our social media like this:

**FI & BECS** REPORTED MISSING. During the month of August we are officially missing (well… not really, we are just hanging out with our small people). We won’t be checking emails very often until the beginning of September. Sorry for any inconvenience … but it’s the summer holidays!

Surprisingly we haven’t had one client (out of the 120 that we work with) even bat an eyelid at this decision, some of them have actually emailed me wishing us a well-earned break! I have a feeling that in year four we may repeat our summer holiday shut down – although lets wait and see how we cope after a month with our children...

By Fi or Becs, Jul 20 2016 08:00AM

Chatter from Becs:

Friday mornings are exciting in my house. Obviously it’s nearly the end of the week (resounding cheer from everyone) but they are also referred to as MUMMY AND OLLIE’S LAZY FRIDAY MORNING. On Friday mornings Ollie and I laze around. We watch a DVD, we read a few books, we take turns playing Angry Birds on the iPad, we partake in some light drawing and we take the dog for a leisurely walk. We laze, we dillydally and we loaf.

Our lazing started last September when I had a revelation over a cup of tea and my laptop. I was working away on my computer (as per normal) and staring out of my window (I often do this when I am thinking) when a mum walked past with a happy toddler. I had one of those mum-pangs-of-jealousy you often feel when you spot a cute child looking happy with their mum whilst you are working (please note: this doesn’t apply to sightings of snotty, screaming or whinging children). I felt a bit guilty, screwed up my forehead, looked away and I was about to go back to work when I stopped and realised – errr what is the fecking point of working for myself if I don’t do more stuff with Ollie while I can?

So I made a plan. I decided to shuffle Ollie’s childcare hours on a Friday from 9am-3pm to 1pm-6pm, thus freeing myself to hang out and walk happily down streets with Ollie. (I must point out that I’m lucky enough to have an amazing child-minder who accommodates my random changes to Ollie’s schedule. I drink wine with her on a regular basis and thank her).

From that week onwards, we’ve had MUMMY AND OLLIE’S LAZY FRIDAY MORNING (written in capitals because Ollie always SHOUTS IT LOUDLY AND HAPPILY). Ollie declared “being lazy with you is awesome mummy” so we don’t do much, but to supplement our lazing I found a kids class (Tumble Tots) so that we don’t stay in our pyjamas all morning (somewhat embarrassing when you answer the door to the Postman at 11.30am).

Sadly, MUMMY AND OLLIE’S LAZY FRIDAY MORNING is coming to an end today because Ollie starts pre-school in September. However, I’m bloody glad that I shuffled my life around to spend some quality lazing time with my kid while he's still little.

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