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By Fi or Becs, Dec 5 2019 12:22PM

Oh it’s just the BEST when a client launches their brand new website with your work all over it! Today we’ve been so happy and excited for the LOVELY Neo & Nessa officially launching their gorgeous new baby bag collection - check out their website for gloriously versatile and chic baby bag loveliness!

Neo & Nessa feel like an extra special client because we’ve both worked with them! Fi helped bring their logo ideas to life (there’s such a cute story behind their branding design - see their latest Insta post!) and she also helped with the bag factory specifications. Becs’ job was wordy wordy wording (obvs) and it was SUCH a lovely job to weave personality into Neo & Nessa’s website content! Happy sigh. As the website hero headline says: “OH MAMA. Baby changing bags just got some extra chic appeal.”

It’s somehow even more awesome when you know you’ve helped an entrepreneur start their dream business. Neo & Nessa was created by a fashion-loving mum with a dream (aka Philippa) and she should be SO PROUD of the amazing bags she has made into reality!

She also kindly gave us the testimonial below:

“This is an accomplished dynamic duo - the Ant & Dec of the copywriting and brand design world. From start to finish both Fi & Becs turned a rather daunting process (for me) into a really pleasurable, non-stressful experience. They spent time getting to know me as well as the brand, and as well as smashing their deadlines, they truly went above and beyond the project task. I can honestly say that they provided a lot more support and advice than most of my friends. Not only will I shout from the roof tops about how utterly brilliant this talented team is but I refuse to use any other company for my future projects.”

Take a peek at the Neo & Nessa website and follow their socials to support a lovely independent British business!

By Fi or Becs, Jul 14 2017 09:56AM

When we launched our Quick Logo Lab idea back in February we honestly never expected that it would be so popular. We have sold loads of logos in the last few months and it's been super exciting to see them turn from ideas into real business brands with their own personality and character.

So... we thought it was about time to give our Quick Logo Lab a fresh batch of stock. Just in case anyone out there was looking for something new, exciting and logo shaped...

Some of our new logo designs:

We now have 63 logos available for start-ups or for businesses that need a branding refresh! We've also added the option of a £100 logo for people out there who love simplicity.

Here are some of the brands from our Logo Lab in action:

Our Quick Logo Lab is our quick pit stop for people who need a logo INSTANTLY (aka within 48 hours).

Find out more and take a peek look through our new designs on our lovely Logo Lab...

By Fi or Becs, Feb 10 2017 06:02PM

Over the last three years we have designed SO MANY logos and brands for businesses. From nervous start-ups to huge corporate re-brands, we love creating memorable brands which give businesses a personality. It's our fave.

We both believe that beautiful brands make the world go round. (No really - they do.) Logos should be clever little visual wizards… making customers fall in love with your products, encouraging clients to trust your credibility and giving people an instant glimpse into your business’ personality.

That's why when we usually design branding for a client we sculpt our ideas around their story, their products and their business’ identity. In fact - you can take a peek at our branding page of examples of our bespoke branding work.

However… for the last 18 months we have had an increasing number of clients (usually small and start-up businesses) asking us for last minute logos. Some of them literally need logos designed THAT DAY... Argh! Although we are fast little workers, we cannot design logos instantly (we do sometimes need to sleep, complete our other work and feed our children), so… we came up with the idea of the Quick Logo Lab!

The Quick Logo Lab is our quick pit stop for people who need a logo INSTANTLY (aka within 48 hours).

Here is some more info about our Quick Logo Lab:

All of the logos in our Lab have been designed by us and are only sold once. The designs are creative and inventively designed around current trends or ideas we've had.

Simply pick your fave and pay your deposit online using our secure payment portal. Colours, wording and icons (if applicable) can be adjusted to suit your business. The prices reflect the how speedily we will have to work to produce your logo quickity-split!

We are so excited! For the last six months this idea has been rattling around in our heads and now it is finally launched. We hope it will be a really useful service for our clients and we're both wondering which logo will sell first...

If you have any questions about our Quick Logo Lab please get in touch with us!

By Fi or Becs, Apr 19 2016 07:31AM

This morning we are feeling happy (and it's not just because of the sunshine... finally some blue skies!) because we LOVE it when a client really embraces a brand that we have designed for them!

A couple of months ago Kate Bentley (and her partner Phil) got in touch with us because she had a very exciting plan - to leave her job in the law profession and start a brand new dog walking, boarding and pet sitting business.

After talking with Kate and Phil about their plans, and meeting their adorable dog Mauro (inspiration for the business' name) we developed some logo ideas and finalised a lovely brand complete with a dog, wellies and an umbrella - perfect for the Manchester weather!

We have been so pleased to see how Kate and Phil have embraced their branding on their social media accounts (check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), on their business stationery (also designed by us) and on some bright pink new hoodies!

Friends of Mauro branding on stationery and hoodies!
Friends of Mauro branding on stationery and hoodies!

We ADORE consistent, distinctive branding and it fills us with joy when a client uses their brand to it's full potential - good dog Mauro!

We are working on a website for Friends of Mauro at the moment, so watch this space for some barkingly brilliant (and branded) website design to be launched soon!

By Fi or Becs, Feb 3 2016 05:03PM

We were recently asked to revamp a logo for E.O.D. (also known as Extra Ordinary Delights) a couple in Florida who make amazing handcrafted fudge.

Their branding needed to be stronger, bolder and more in line what their company is all about - being military, patriotic and shouting about the U S of A!

You can find out more about E.O.D (and see their lovely new branding) on their Facebook page.

It was a lovely project to work on (plus we did it all in a 2 day timescale!) - creating a logo, developing artwork for a flyer and designing artwork for their ingredients.

Their fudge looks amazing (we really want to try some!) and it's always fun to do some work for a business in another country - another little bit of Fi & Becs exporting our services!

By Fi or Becs, Jun 25 2015 02:11PM

A short but sweet news article... We just had to share this absoutely fabulous thank you letter we recieved this week from Dave and Gem for designing the logo they used for their wedding.

Look closely and you can see they used the logo on EVERYTHING: save the dates, invites, entrance way, balloons, table plan, favours and thank you cards!

In Dave and Gem's words (and we TOTALLY agree) "love a good bit of branding!"

By Fi or Becs, May 12 2015 08:59AM

Broster’s Farm Shop announced on their Facebook page that they needed a new website. They wanted to visually update their old one and also be able to sell their fresh Yorkshire meat online. Rather a lot of local website companies posted on the Facebook page that they could help, so imagine the delight when they chose us to design their new logo and website!

After developing Broster's a lovely new logo, it was time to build their website.

What we love about designing websites like this are the details... The icons used in the headers, the vintage butchers cart line drawing on the footer of the website, the colours that symbolise the different meats.

The difference between using a web developing company and using Fi & Becs is that you get a DESIGNED website. We see websites as interactive brochures, not a templated standard website (which ALL look the same!). We tap into the heart of the brand to ensure that the website is perfect in every detail. In this case we even designed a Wholesale Price List - as we couldn’t bear the thought of just listing prices on a website!

We hope you all like the new website - Broster's meat is amazing:

By Fi or Becs, Jul 16 2014 11:06AM

We love designing a good sign.

So we are super pleased that our client the lovely Waugh Brow Farm Shop have just put up their brand new signs all around their farm!

We adored working on this brand earlier in the year and it's so satisfying to see the logo looking stunning on their shiny new signage - guaranteed to get the Farm Shop noticed by people driving by!

Not only did we design the logo, we also wrote the wording on the sign and designed the artwork for the printer - making the whole process easy peasy for Waugh Brow Farm! Splendid signy signs.

By Fi or Becs, Jul 7 2014 12:50PM

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a really good blog needs to have a few important things:

- Great content which is interesting, genuine and relevant.

- Up to date articles and current posts.

- An engaging look / feel with a consistent brand and great logo which supports the overall theme of the blog.

Baring these important things in mind... we were very excited to be asked by Daddy Joe Blogs to develop a logo for his new-look blog page!

The brief: A fun, colourful and friendly logo (including the colours green, yellow and blue) to tie in with his blog articles all about being a new Dad and loving football.

A great blog to follow if you're a footie loving Dad!

Do you need a new logo to reinvigorate your blog page, or are you planning on starting a totally new blog? Just contact Fi & Becs for help developing a fantastically great logo that you will love!

P.s. We are really creative, quick and won't cost you loads of money.

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