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By Fi or Becs, Oct 13 2016 09:00AM

Well... we've always known that Becs wasn't really a hard-nosed business type...

It's slightly worrying that this is how Becs describes herself at the start of THE APPRENTICE. We all know that this programme is famous for tough business people, back-stabbing and shouty behaviour... how is our friendly little Becs going to survive?!

Hmmmm.... hard-nosed? More like wet-nosed (hah!) uh oh. It's going to be a rocky ride over the next 12 weeks everyone... Enjoy watching!

By Fi or Becs, Oct 2 2016 06:00AM

Becs looking a bit intense... she normally smiles more than this.
Becs looking a bit intense... she normally smiles more than this.

So… we have some slightly exciting news today.

Some of you may have noticed that we've been crazily busy this year (which we have!) but we've also had something HUGE rumbling along which we haven’t been able to tell you all about.

The cat is now FINALLY out of the bag… Becs is a candidate on the 2016 series of The Apprentice on BBC One! (Yep, it's true - we're not just pulling your leg!)

It’s so nice to be able to announce it, the secret has been killing us!

The first episode airs on BBC One at 9pm on Thursday the 6th October so tune in and enjoy watching Becs running around London with the other candidates, standing up for herself in the Boardroom (!) and trying not to talk too much in front of Lord Sugar. Gulp.

Everything at Fi & Becs will continue as normal for the next few months, so if you have any projects or on-going work with us please don’t worry. We do have some other plans afoot including launching our Partner Page on our website and working with some talented freelance designers, copywriters and marketing people.

Enjoy watching!

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