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By Fi or Becs, Jan 25 2017 03:24PM

In December last year Becs got an exciting email from a chap called Tim Scott.

Tim and his partner Gemma are super clever HR professionals who have written a series of books aimed at helping people with social media - the kind of thing that we LOVE.

Becs had met Tim at a CommsHero* event last year (where he did a brilliant presentation about social media and HR working together) so she was delighted when Tim emailed asking her to take part in a new #SocialLeaders series alongside the launch of their third book: 'Putting Social Media To Work 3.0 - For The Busy Executive'.

So... on a chilly January day armed with tea and Skype (obvs) Becs and Tim had a chatter all about social media. Becs merrily rabbited on about our social media channels of choice, things that have worked for us and some of our tips and hints for using social media successfully.

Luckily Tim has edited Becs' #SocialLeaders interview into a nice succinct video (in which she moves her hands A LOT) which you can watch here:

Becs even got a mention in Tim and Gemma's book - how exciting!

Here's what the book said about Becs:

"We have to confess that neither of us are avid watchers of the BBC's The Apprentice but we met 2016 contestant Becs IRL at a #CommsHero event and had to find out more. We were really impressed with how she has incorporated social into her business and love her fresh, honest and natural approach to running her own account. Expect lots of pictures (especially selfies), working out loud and hashtags."

---> hehehe we love it!

Here's what Tim and Gemma say about their series of books:

"We wrote the first book in the series ‘Putting Social Media to Work: A Practical Guide’ in 2015 because we felt that some of our fellow HR professionals needed help to learn how to get social and to be able to help their organisations do the same. In HR circles, there has traditionally been a lot of negativity about social media but, in our view, digital and social technology is only going to grow – and so therefore will the gap between those who have these skills and those who do not.

We found that the book was being shared with other people who were facing the same challenges - people that, for the most part, were either running small businesses or leading larger ones. They told us that they knew they ought to be on social, but they didn’t know how to, or what to say, or how to find the time, so we developed a version just for small business people and then added a third book for leaders and senior executives. All of our books are about practicality, offering suggestions, tips, a straightforward guide to the jargon and busting some of the myths. We have both benefited hugely from using social media personally and professionally and we want to encourage others to share stuff, be themselves on social media and dive in!"

Find out more on their website:

*We felt the need to point out that CommsHero is epic. That is all.

By Fi or Becs, Dec 1 2016 04:28PM

Becs' old university (the lovely University of Nottingham) asked her to put together a 'Day in the Life' vlog for them... and here it is!

Becs did a degree in American and Canadian Studies at Nottingham University and she bloody loved it. She spent four years studying American history, US politics and reading fascinating novels. She even got to spend a year studying at Toronto University in Canada which was pretty amazing - although very very cold.

Becs firmly believes that all the researching, reading and writing she did during her degree led to her copywriting career... so sod all of those people who think arts degrees don't lead to jobs in business!

Enjoy watching the video!

By Fi or Becs, Nov 21 2016 05:26PM

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that Becs has just been fired on The Apprentice. Drat.

Becs lost every task, her performance was pretty useless, she got fired in week six and then (much to our amusement) in the famous apprentice black cab she managed to say the word 'twat' twice... on the BBC.

We've mentioned the 'twat thing' a couple of times (okay, maybe a few dozen times...) on our social media, she's been on TV and radio chattering about it and there have been some pretty good articles about twattishness in the press.

One of our favourite t-word articles so far is this one written by We loved it so much that we thought we would post it onto our website...

Twats. We’ve all met them and, in some unfortunate cases, we’ve even ended up working alongside them.

But have you ever wondered what makes a co-worker a twat and how best to avoid the same dreaded four-letter label? The Apprentice’s Rebecca Jeffery has.

The latest casualty in Lord Sugar’s search for a business partner, the freelance copywriter and co-founder of Fi & Becs Design & Marketing signed off from the show with the admission that she probably would have got further “if she had been a twat”.

Now a little less flustered and, as she admits, “slightly relieved” to be out of the process (“it shows people at their worst,” Rebecca reflects) the marketing maestro tried to explain to loaded what makes someone a twat in the modern business world.

“When I think of the word twat, I think of the word obnoxious. Someone that is a bit argumentative and a little bit grumpy,” she explains.

“I was never specifically calling anyone on the show a twat – I’m aware a lot of people will have sat on their sofas and called people on the show twats before – but I did leave feeling like I might have got further if I had been one.”

So how do you avoid being a twat in the workplace? Well, Jeffery offered a few helpful pointers actually…

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 1 - Don’t Shout

“I’m not a shouter and behaving like that will only get you so far in the Apprentice and in life.”

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 2 - Stay Calm

"Lord Sugar likes people who are level headed. That’s probably stayed in the process as long as I did. Try to remember that it’s work and not life or death.”

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 3 - Don't Take It Personally

“In The Apprentice, as in the workplace, you are trying to make friends and develop relationships. The problem is that in the boardroom you have to pull each other apart.The key on the show was to leave those arguments at the door. Don’t harbor bad feelings and try to support each other.”

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 4 - Be Nice

“Remember that people like you if you are nice. We as humans, in life, like people that are nice. We’re British. We like politeness, we like queues and we like niceness.”

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 5 - Avoid Buzzwords

“Never use terms like ‘thinking outside the box’ or ‘I’d like to touch base’ and avoid that ‘important’ tag on your email – that big red tag at says something is very important – it’s annoying.”

Twat Avoidance Tip Number 6 - Client Care

“Never refer to a person or potential client as a “Warm” lead or a “hot” lead they are not a ‘lead’ they are a client or a person.”

By Fi or Becs, Aug 23 2016 04:00AM

Sweet Sugar Sixpence make the best cakes in Halifax/Yorkshire (in our opinion!). Designing and baking vibrant, unique and totally bespoke cakes, Claire from Sweet Sugar Sixpence is an accomplished cake designer and maker.

We asked the lovely Claire to star in our second VIDEO client testimonial because we love her cakes and we adore working on her brand and website!

Watch the Sweet Sugar Sixpence video testimonial...

Filmed at Fi's house in Halifax with plenty of tea, chatter and (of course) LOADS OF CAKE... Fi, Claire and our lovely video producer Angela had loads of fun shooting the footage.

Claire was wonderful, she said lots of lovely things about us (hooray!) and she brought along lots of her amazing cupcakes for them all to gobble. In a standard Fi & Becs manner we also got some funny out-takes, particularly of Fi stuffing CAKE into her mouth...

Watch the funny bits...

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Claire at Sweet Sugar Sixpence for letting us film her on this video and for saying such nice things about us!

P.S. We also hugely recommend Angela Kunawicz, the fantastic film maker who shot and created these videos. She is lovely, brilliant and very talented at what she does! If you want to get in touch with her about a project, here are Angela's contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @angela_kunawicz

By Fi or Becs, Feb 14 2016 09:46PM

Waugh Brow Farm Shop are a lovely farm shop located in the Cheshire countryside. They were one of the first clients we ever worked with... so it seems only fitting that we asked them to be our first ever VIDEO client testimonial!

Watch the Waugh Brow Farm video testimonial...

Filmed on a typically British windy and grey Friday in mid-January... the video was so much fun to shoot!

Becs armed herself with tea, wellies, waterproofs and a vital piece of equipment - a fantastic freelance journalist and video producer called Angela who did the most wonderful job filming and producing the video clips!

Everyone at the farm was absolutely brilliant (including the cows) and we even got some amusing out-takes...

Watch the funny bits...

We'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Waugh Brow Farm for letting us wander around on the farm filming everything - and for all their lovely comments about Fi & Becs!

Find out more about the fantastic film maker Angela:

Angela Kunawicz is an experienced freelance journalist, camera operator, producer and editor.

Having previously worked for the BBC, Abu Dhabi Media Company and a variety of regional newspapers in the UK, Angela can create compelling content that positions your brand in the most engaging light (we know she can because she's done it for us!).

From small and medium-sized businesses to charities and educational projects, she can tell your story and deliver it in a format that suits your website, social media channel or event. Whether it's working to a brief or providing you with an end-to-end creative solution, Angela can elevate your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

Angela's claim to fame is that she was the first woman to read out the classified football results on BBC television!

If you want to get in touch with her about a project, here are Angela's contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @angela_kunawicz

We hugely recommend Angela and we're already getting excitable about filming more client testimonials with her over the next few months. If you've worked with Fi & Becs and you fancy being the next client featured on film just let us know!

By Fi or Becs, Nov 9 2015 10:34AM

A fun Monday morning non-work post to start our week!

Our lovely Dad (Howard) celebrated his 70th Birthday this weekend and here's the video we made to surprise him.

It's a 4 minute video of pure silly-family-friends-animal-glee-madness.

We are most definitely NOT video production experts so this was a true labour of love which took us a lot of work to get right... and many evenings with a glass of wine!

Enjoy with a cup of tea!

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