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Fi and Becs: Two friendly and creative sisters.

A helpful combination of design and wording.

Fuelled by tea and attached to our laptops.

Our business (aka Fi & Becs Design & Wording) is a boutique creative agency that doesn't cost the earth.


We provide flexible product design, copywriting, branding, graphic design and content strategy services to businesses of all sizes. We're approachable, quick and good at what we do. With an enthusiastic (perfectionist) attitude, we love helping our clients develop compelling marketing materials, memorable brands and engaging content.


We understand independent and medium sized businesses because we've spent years working with them! We're also used to working with big brands or collaborating with corporate marketing teams. Based in the North of England, we're proud to have clients all over the UK and across the globe.


What we do. At a glance...


Product Design

If you have a new product that you want to bring to life and launch into the market, Fi can help.


Fi has over 25 years' experience as a product designer and specialises in 'soft good' product design - this includes products that are made out of fabrics rather than metals or plastics. 


Content & Copywriting

Becs is the word nerd and content strategist in our little business. She is ridiculously passionate about analysing customer behaviour and creating sales-inducing content that tells stories and captures customers. 


Having spent over 15 years working as a copywriter, strategist and content consultant with fashion, lifestyle and e-commerce brands Becs understands exactly how to pinpoint customer needs and create captivating content that really speaks to audiences.


Logos & Branding

Fi has years of experience creating memorable brands that give businesses a unique personality.


If you're starting a new business she can help develop your brand from scratch. She will listen to your ideas, get a feel for your business and understand the type of customers you want to reach.


Website Design

We've spent over 10 years building websites for small, independent and start-up businesses.

From farm shops to therapists and hair salons we love creating websites that act as online brochures for your potential customers. We have also built many e-commerce websites for brands who want to start selling their products online. 


Graphic Design

Fi has been providing freelance graphic design services to our clients for over 10 years.


Fi's graphic design is creative, inventive and full of fun (where required). From bespoke leaflets to business collateral and adverts - she will design anything (within reason) that our clients ask for.

Our clients - past and present - they're a wonderfully varied bunch. 

Through the years we've worked with over 250 clients ranging from Floridian fudge makers to well-known fashion retailers, charities, Amazon brands and hotel chains in Cumbria - we pride ourselves on being super adaptable and easy to work with.

Many of our clients have been working with us for years (we've essentially befriended them with great work and cups of tea). We're chuffed that they give us glowing recommendations... we're not lying - check out our client testimonials!

Some of our clients over the years:

Nice words from our clients (yay):

Becs' enthusiasm is contagious, her passion is palpable and her writing is full of life. She's remarkable thorough, thinks of everything (even the things you never knew you needed!) and meets even the most impossible deadlines with flexibility, efficiency and warmth."

- Cotton Traders -

"I am so proud of what Fi has created for us. Brand name, designs, words - she did it all and it was back to us within days of our first meeting - and it was spot on. It wasn't just about designs though, Fi's common sense, attention to detail, creative thinking and can-do attitude made her one of the best people I have ever worked with."

- Halifax Opportunites Trust -

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