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Lovely logos at super quick speed...

Designed with small businesses in mind (we know that timescales can be short sometimes!) our Quick Logo Lab is a speedy pit stop for people who need a logo INSTANTLY (aka within 48 hours)... or at a lower price than our bespoke branding work.

All of the logos in our Lab have been designed by us and are only sold once.

The designs have all been inventively designed around current trends or ideas - so you can find the logo that suits your style. The colours, wording and icons can be tweaked to match your business. How clever :)

How our Quick Logo Lab works.

Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a new logo. When you're starting a new business (or even if you've been running one for years!) we know that every penny counts. That's why all of the logos in our Quick Logo Lab come at a lower price than our bespoke branding work.

Looking for a little inspiration? We've found that our clients enjoy looking through the Logo Lab for a bit of branding inspo! If you're struggling to imagine what you want or you're working with someone else it can really speed up your decision making process to flick through our logo designs and decide what you like... and what you don't like!


We will adapt the colours, the wording to YOUR brand - usually done in 48 hours (not at weekends)... and you will be sent your logo in various file formats to start using! Wooo.

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